Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guys come to the party?
This is not one of those parties where you have to have a six pack or a 12" dick - not that there is anything wrong with 12 inches! This is a party for all guys with no attitude, that enjoy playing raw. We welcome ALL races, ages and sizes.

What day of the week is it?
The party is on a different day each week.

Are condoms provided or used?
NO! If you practice safer sex, I applaud you and encourage you to continue. I am not trying to get anyone who plays safe to stop that practice. However, this is a skin2skin party and would not be for you (you should close your web browser now.) There are many men who only bareback and this party is for those men to get together. You are all mature, educated and consenting adults who are responsible for your own actions.

What is the ratio of tops/bottoms?
As multi-talented as I am, seeing the future is not one of my talents! I have no way of knowing how many tops/bottoms will be at each party. I can say that no one has ever complained about a shortage! Same goes with race, age, and cut/uncut status!

Are all the guys POZ?
Of course not, though some are. There is really no way to screen for HIV status. Some POZ guys lie, and many NEG guys really don't know. You know the risks of not using a condom, and no one is responsible for your actions or health other than yourself. I do encourage everyone to get tested regularly and know your status.

Is PNP allowed?
Absolutely not. The venue of this event is a drug free environment. Cigarettes are allowed in the kitchen and poppers are legal.

Can I see pictures of the party or attendees?
Nope. I respect everyones right to privacy. Once you submit your picture and are approved, you are added to the guest list and your picture is deleted. I do not save or share pictures.

What do I do with my clothes?
You can wear underwear & undershirt at MOST. Clothes check is provided. Use common sense and don't bring valuables.

How do I get invited?
Just email  DANNY with a picture, stats and where you heard about the party and/or website. Be sure to add my email address to your address book, or check your bulk folder for future party announcements.

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